TV Show Ratings Before and After COVID-19

Teen Titans Go!

The first few years of the show seemed to have produced a lot more below average episodes. The rating seem to have improved in 2020 onwards. We see a lot less bubbles below 5.0 after 2020. Either the show is doing great or people are stuck indoors watching what is available on Netflix!

Source: IMDB

PS: When you scroll down the page, the vertical line on plot will appear to jump. This is because the domain of all charts are different. To some, this may seem a bit irritating 😐.

Peppa Pig

Peppa seems to stay close to the average - between the rating of 5 and 6. Well, only if toddlers were allowed to add the rating 😉

Source: IMDB

Henry Danger

Well, well, WELL. This one seems to be quite popular with the kids. I am guess by this age they can add the ratings by themselves 😁

Source: IMDB

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