๐Ÿ‘€ The Worst Passwords of 2020

The most common, or shall we say the worst password anyone could use, is 123456.


Why use a password at all ๐Ÿคจ. It takes less than a second to crack it, and there are approx 2,543,285 people who use it, according to NordPass.

Data: NordPass

Let us take a look and see what else we find.

So, These are the top 10 passwords that you and your loved ones should not be using at all. You see, a lot of them are just variations of 123456.

12345601234561234567890123456789qwertypassword11111112345678abc1231234567Password0. of Times Exposed (%)Worst 10 Passwords Based on the Number of Times Exposed

Come on people, you can do better.

If we group the passwords into two categories, the ones that only use numbers vs. the rest, we see that most people use text or some form of a password that includes numbers and text. However, a handful of people use only numbers, and their passwords have been cracked or exposed the most.

Password with numbers only01,000,0002,000,0003,000,0004,000,0005,000,0006,000,0007,000,0008,000,0009,000,000Number of times exposedfalsetrue

These the passwords used by people from the top orange category in the plot above.





Some users add zero to the password, probably to make it more complex ๐Ÿง. However, as you have already noticed, all four passwords are almost the same.

Does the password length matter?

Well, No, If you are using just the continuous numbers such as 123456. However, some long passwords from the list took longer to crack, such as jobandtalent, which took three years.

Still, you would not want to use that.

Less than a secondHoursSecondsMinutes1 DayDaysYears1 Second456789101112Password LengthTime to Crack the Password

On Passwords that took a few days to crack

There are only three passwords in this group. Of which, x4ivygA51F looks good, but the rest two are too simple. ohmnamah23 took 12 days, and Bangbang123 took two days to crack.

Note: What we just explored is solely based on the data shown on NordPass blog. To create secure passwords, I suggest using Safari’s auto password generator or password managers such as Nord or 1Password.

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